My first undisciplined personal blog post


After an overhaul of my website and blog, I relaunch my personal blog…again…for the third time.

Since the massive overhaul job of my personal website and blog that took place in December 2015, it’s been rather challenging to keep my blogs updated with new content. This isn’t necessarily writers block. It’s more about having the time to write a blog that is fun, interesting, and stuff that people would want to read about.

I keep in touch with many blogs as part of my job. Some really easy reads, whilst others are extremely technical; requiring you to have a specialist knowledge in the topic.

Other blogs I read are rambles, opinions or rants that someone has taken a couple of hours to write to express themselves on the chosen topic. You also have to question whether that person is living on a remote island somewhere, sitting on vast amounts of money, playing golf, and spends an afternoon blogging.

Do I live on my island, with mountains of cash, writing well crafted blogs? No. I am a certified Salesforce professional who dedicates his career to helping businesses innovate their processes in an automated way. As my friends would say, I am a ‘techie’!

So what is the point of this particular post? Simply to set expectations to you as the reader. As a blogger with 5 years experience, who has undergone 3 blog and website refreshes, I have come to one conclusion: I am not a disciplined blogger that posts regularly.

Honestly – I am not even going to apologise for it. I am simply way too busy to blog on a daily or weekly basis. But here’s the deal I would like to make with you as my reader. I will try to drop in short personal blog posts that is easy for you to read. I will write these in my own unique and fun way. My posts will be riddled with stuff content you might find interesting and may contain lots of typo’s.

So here it is – my first personal blog post for all to read. 🙂